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Hay! I mean Hey- Whats an Agri-hood?

Well, its all the rage...Actually, maybe not ALL but it sure is what a lot of families are looking for in a neighborhood.

Ever think about all the really awesome things associated with living on a farm?

Quiet and tranquility, ever changing scenery, really awesome like minded neighbors that also want to live the exact same way! Maybe the community has an open farmers market on the weekend where not only can you go and buy your produce for the week but some of it you can literally watch grow right from the farm where you live!

Your lots are large...none of that reach out and touch your neighbor stuff....yeah, about an acre...maybe three? Its like living on a farm but without all of the getting your hands dirty (unless you want) and without all the smells since most Agri-hoods are plant based.

If you haven't had an opportunity to check out THE FARM at RED OAK then you are missing the opportunity to literally live on a working farm.

Imagine sunrises over spring wheat and sunsets watching the deer spring from field to field. Maybe you long to live in a small town community known for unity and solidarity. Or perhaps, you are just looking for place where you are reminded of simpler times.

We are planning a beautiful development. I can hardly wait to share it with you!

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